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Tech Apps K-12 (EDLD610) - Summer 09


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9. Monday, July 20 - Individual Use (CAI, Problem Solving, Tutorials)
Assignments: *add to shared document.
  1. *Respond to readings for Day 9 in your shared doc (.doc or .pdf - they are the same).
  2. Readings for Day 10.
Readings for Day 10, July 21:

10. Tuesday, July 21 - Individual Use (The Internet and Creativity)
  1. Respond to readings for Day 10 (Roblyer and Gersh) on the bottom of your shared doc (.doc or .pdf).
  2. Roblyer54 chart:
  3. Readings for Day 11.
Readings for Day 11, July 22:
  • Zavadsky, Heather; How NCLB Drives Success in Urban Schools; Educational Leadership; 2006; pp 69-73.
  • Gersten, Russel, et al; Assisting Students Struggling with Reading: Response to Intervention (RTI) and Multi-Tier Intervention in the Primary Grades; National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance; Feb. 2009; pp 4-7.
  • Reeves, Patricia and Burt, Walter; Challenges in Data-based Decision-making: Voices from Principals; Educational Horizons; Fall, 2006; pp 65-71.

11. Wednesday, July 22 - Data Informed Decision Making (Academic)
1. Brief reflection in shared scoring doc (if you aren't familiar with a district yet, give a best-case scenario):
    • Do you have access to needed data? Explain.
    • Does RTI fit your district/school? Why or why not?
    • Is there too much testing in your school system? Why or why not?
2. Finish final project
3. Readings for Day 12.
Readings for Day 12, July 23:
  • Strudler, Neal; The Role of School-Based Computer Coordinators as Change Agents in Elementary School Programs; UO doctoral dissertation, 1987; pp 35, 193-194.
  • Watson, Jim; Sociometrics; 2009.

12. Thursday, July 23 - Data Informed Decision Making (Behavioral and Social)
1. Name your final project document with your last name, first name and "final".
2. Upload your final project to Google Docs and share it with the class (or email it to me as a last resort). Due Sunday, July 26.
3. At the bottom of your scoring doc briefly reflect:
  • on whether anything that happened in this class has helped you with the NETS standard you said you wanted to work on (listed neat the top of the scoring doc with "week 1" at the end).
  • on the "museum". Did it give you any ideas about how far we've come and where we might be headed? Can you see any value outdated equipment in education? If so, how might it be used? If not, why not?
4. Readings for Day 13 (if Carol has assigned them).
Readings for Day 13, July 27:
  • Materials for next week as assigned by Carol Greig.

July 27-30** - Carol Greig - Tools of the Trade