Week 1 Materials for EDLD610

1. Monday, July 6 - Why Use Technology?
  • Assignment 1: Click on this link, answer each question. IMPORTANT: Submit only once! Survey on Google Forms
  • Assignment 2 (individually but OK to help each other):
    • create an email to watsonjk@uoregon.edu
    • put your name and "01/02" (for day 1 assignment 2) in the subject. (Please use this system for all emails to me.)
    • Locate ISTE NETS for students and teachers on the web.
    • In the email answer these questions:
      1. For you, which standard (for students or for teachers) is the most necessary prerequisite to the others?
      2. For you, which standard is most important for student learning?
      3. For you, which standard is least important?
    • Send the email.
  • Assignment 3 - Readings for Day 2
Software to download:
Readings for Day 2, July 7:

2. Tuesday, July 7 - Teacher Tools
  1. Find a tutorial to help you with productivity, presentation or data
  2. Put the link and a brief description of how it might help you in the shared doc.
  3. Reading for Day 3.
Software to download:
  • SeaMonkey:Optional software if preferred to Google Sites.
Reading for Day 3, July 8:

3. Wednesday, July 8 - Group Instruction
1. Create a new Google Docs document
  • Title it “edtechDATES” (“edtech1950_55” for example)
  • Share it with me (watsonjk@uoregon.edu) and your team members
  • Include in your document:
    • Your time period and names of those in the group
    • Six major events or trends in ed tech in the period
    • URLs of six Internet images, movies or audio clips to illustrate the innovations of the period (with year and source)
  • Add your part to your scoring document (the one with all your work, that you are sharing with just me.)

2. Readings for Day 4.
Readings for Day 4, July 9

4. Thursday, July 9 - Mini-Project and Project Planning
  • Day 4 Powerpoint:
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Assignments (due Sunday, July, 12):
1. Prepare a GROUP Powerpoint, Google presentation or other presentation to make your case:
    • 5 minutes
    • Balanced? One-sided? A debate?
    • Use text and images or video
    • Cite your sources
    • Share with class on Google Docs
    • Present to class (if time)
2. Ed Tech timeline - Group project
3. Decide on a project:
    • Create a lesson plan that integrates technology,
    • Create a webquest (see July 21 on wiki),
    • Develop a plan for using data (July 22-23) or
    • Propose an alternative project
    • Put your plan on the scoring doc you are sharing with just me - due Monday, July 20 (July 15 if proposing alternative)
4. Readings for Day 5 and 9
Reading for Day 5, July 13:
Readings for Day 9, July 20:
  • Baines, Lawrence and Stanley, Gregory; We Want to See the Teacher: Construcivism and the Rage Against Expertise; Phi Beta Kappan; Dec. 2000; pp. 327-330.
  • Kulik, James; Effects of Using Instructional Technology in Elementary and Secondary Schools: What Controlled Evaluation Studies Say; 2003; pp 5-11 (iv-x).
  • Madian, Jon; Keyboarding: An Interview with Keith Wetzel; Making the Literature, Writing, Word Processing Connection: The Best of the Writing Notebook 2nd Edition; Eugene OR; 1989; pp 46-48 .
  • Quate, Stevi; Confessions of a Writing Teacher; The Writing Notebook; Jan/Feb, 1988; pp 27-28.
  • Yates, Billy and Moursund, David; The Computer and Problem Solving: How Theory can Support Classroom Practice; The Computing Teacher; Dec/Jan 1988-89; pp 12-16.
  • Gersh, Sheila; Global Projects and Digital Tools that Make Students Global Learners; 2009.
  • Haugland, Susan and Ruiz, Elma; Empowering Children with Technology: Outstanding Developmental Software for 2002; Early Childhood Education Journal, Winter 2002; pp 125-132.
  • Watson, Jim and Strudler, Neal; Teaching Higher Order Thinking Skills with Databases; The Comuting Teacher; Dec./Jan., 1988-89; pp 47-50.

5-8 July 13-16 - Kathleen Scalise - Leadership Aspects of Technology Integration