Grouping and

The computer program Grouper is designed to assist teachers in systematically assigning students to heterogeneous groups. It is copyrighted but offered free to educators for use in their classrooms.

Grouping Fundamentals - Why group students? What are the advantages of group work? Elements of successful groups: purposes, heterogeneity, meeting individual needs in heterogeneous groups, skills for working in groups, choosing tasks and topics and organization of group projects.

Sociometric Grouping and Analysis - Data gathered when students are asked which classmates they'd prefer to work or sit with, is valuable not only for improving climate by honoring choices but also for evaluating measures taken to improve group cohesiveness. The centerpiece of Grouper is the sociometric grouping section.

Grouper Instructions and Downloads - How can Grouper help make forming groups easier and more effective? Download the program (for Mac or PC) and instructions.

University of Oregon class materials - EDLD 610, Summer 2009

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